Inbound Marketing for OB GYN Offices

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Your Expertise and Your Commitment to Your Patients Makes You a Good Match for Seota.

We have been helping OB GYN offices attract patients and gain market share since 2009.

Reaching New Patients with Digital Media

Bringing more of the right patients thru your door

A good digital strategy is based on knowing your customer and knowing your business. Our job is to help you understand both a little better and then build a strategy that tells your story and attracts the type of patients you want in your practice, for the procedures the you enjoy and which are profitable.

Women tend to use their mobile device to browse the internet more than they use a desktop or a laptop. Does your marketing strategy take this into account?

Women seeking a new doctor tend to trust online reviews are read them extensively when making decisions about switching doctors or accepting a referral. Do you have a strategy to improve your online reputation?

Let us guide you thru these and the many other lessons we have learned marketing OB GYN practices over the last seven+ years.

You Must Have a Responsive & Mobile Friendly Website

Women, your primary client, tend do more on their mobile devices than men. Your website needs to be responsive* and change to adapt to any device that may view it. (*Responsive design is a website design that responds with different content and viewing sizes based on the screen size that of the user)

Google has started rewarding sites with more mobile visitors based on how mobile friendly the website is. To state that another way, websites that are not mobile friendly are losing potential customers.

It is not enough just be legible on a mobile device, your site must be functional. Phone numbers should be hot linked so a user can call your office with one touch. Addresses need to link to maps and directions. Your website must also be fast.


Benefits of Digital Marketing

Improved patient count

Targeted to your ideal customer

Expands your reach beyond your website

Market the services you enjoy

Control your online reputation

Communicate your brand

Attract the right clients

Reach a new audience

Improve market share

Increase your standing in the community

Male OB-GYN Have to Try Harder

One trend we have noticed is that younger women lean toward seeing a female doctor. Our male OB-GYN clients need more effort and more marketing to attract the same number of new patients. We have the stats to back it up. Our analytics show us the number of visits and the number of those visits that convert to patients and the numbers don’t lie. Male OB GYN need 40% more activity on their website to attract an equal amount of new female patients.

If you are a male OB-GYN you are starting at a disadvantage. What will you do to differentiate your practice? We know what works and we can show you how to be better and attract more patients. Not all of our clients listen or engage on this point. The ones that do outperform the ones who don’t.

If you are a female OB-GYN we can help you and help you quickly. In most cases we can increase your patient load in 30 days or less.

Ongoing innovation

At Seota we are constantly trying to improve the ways we help you attract new patients and learn what your patients are looking for.

The trend towards more online reviews becoming more important to your patients means that they are more important to you, so they are more important to us.

With that in mind we have developed a software tool that helps our clients solicit feedback from their patients and resolve issues before they get posted online. This same system encourages your happy clients to spread the word to all the 3rd party reviews sites that you care about.

better patient reviews

Online & Offline

At Seota we realize that when your clients aren’t online they are still online. Most people are tethered to an internet connected device all day every day. Your Marketing efforts need to keep that in mind, even when those effort are aimed at legacy media.

Another important aspect to our always online mind set is that your patients are online when they are in your office. It is very important to be aware of this.  They are taking pictures, writing reviews, posting status updates to social media and doing a list of things that is constantly changing.

How can your practice encourage your always online customer to be doing things that help your marketing while they are sitting in your office?

Your practice needs to improve your digital marketing