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About Us

The Digital Agency You Don’t Want Your Competitors Using

Our small business clients have an unfair business advantage. Our Guerrilla methods and creative thinking allow our customers to compete with national brands for local market share.

If you are good enough to go head-to-head with the big boys but you need a little help getting the customers in the door then we are the right team for you. Our newest venture, Review Fire, is helping our clients go to a new level.


We are


Proven Process

Our digital marketing is process driven - the process has been honed and tested over 7 years to deliver results. From website development to SEO to social media, we have a process.

Turn Key Solutions

Be as involved in your digital marketing as you want to be (or not). We can act as your entire digital team or augment what your existing team.

Totally Responsive

The world and your customers are mobile. All of our Web Site Designs are 100% responsive and mobile friendly.

Great Design

The real beauty in our website design work is the leads they generate for our clients. Are you ready to put your website to work?

Analytics to Track ROI

Return on Investment for our clients is what drives us. We dig deep into analytics to find new ways to drive conversions. Your website you make your cash register ring.

Search Engine Optimization

A sound digital marketing strategy needs to incorporate SEO to drive organic traffic to your website; but it is just the beginning.

Need a new (better) website. You have come to the right place.

What are you trying to achieve?


Every new project begins with research and analysis.

What are the target markets, what are the customer personas, what is the best digital marketing channel to reach the the different personas and much more. In order to give you the most value we need to do our homework. This is much more than SEO planning.

Design Process
How are we going to achieve it?


Building a plan based on our research is where the rubber hits the road. Our Digital Marketing Plans are based on widely used and accepted practices that put driving customer value at the forefront. We use the R.A.C.E. Reach Act Convert Engage planning process for the best results.

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Getting things done


Execution is key to any battle plan so is the ability to asses your situation and adapt to changing conditions and assumptions.

As we execute your marketing plan we keep a careful eye on the Key Performance Indicators to ensure we are getting the results we expected.

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If you are looking for a digital marketing and SEO team
that will take a deep interest in your business, that will go the extra mile for your success,
then you need SEOTA

Your digital marketing strategy may be the most important marketing money you spend. Spend it with a proven performer.